The Switchbit Solution Part III: Responsive Infrastructure™

In the third and final installment of the Switchbit Solution Series, we explain how Switchbit’s Responsive Infrastructure™ enables businesses to restore consumer trust, automate compliance, and build secure, regulation-proof software faster.

The Switchbit Solution Part II: Business Requirements

In part two of the Switchbit Solution Series, co-founder and CEO Tom Chavez explains the most important challenges that businesses must overcome to manage data in a privacy-centric world.

The Switchbit Solution Part I: Our Founding Principles

At Switchbit, we’ve built a new generation of tools that help businesses give data control back to the consumer, wherever the data goes and however its used In this three part series, co-founder and CEO Tom Chavez provides an in depth look at our founding principles, the key challenges businesses face in managing personal data, […]

Part III: Switchbit’s Framework for Contact Tracing

To learn more, visit

Part II: The Three Biggest Challenges of Contact Tracing

To learn more about Switchbit’s contact tracing initiative, visit: In Part II, we discuss the three biggest challenges of contact tracing: consumer adoption, citizen control, and the Oligarchy.

Part I: Contact Tracing Introduction

Visit to learn more about this initiative. Part I is an overview about contact tracing. Switchbit is a privacy and security infrastructure company. Contact tracing and testing are imperative to beating COVID-19. But contact tracing also evokes serious concern about privacy and data ownership. Information about people’s health and with whom they interact is […]