Consent Management

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Consolidate & Customize

Consolidate consent requirements into customized privacy experiences.

Enchance customer experience by consolidating all consumer preferences and privacy interactions in a single customized experience. Address marketing, cookie, generic consent, and preference management with a single solution.

Responsive Experiences

Deliver the right experience to each consumer.

Move away from one-size-fits-all privacy programs and deliver specific experiences appropriate for every regulatory obligation. Switchbit’s experience server detects and serves each consumer a unique experience based on your specification.

Activate Consent

Don’t just capture consent, respect it!

Keep all data management systems in sync with consumer’s consent expressions through fully automated partner integrations. Integrations are set up in minutes through a clicks-not-code, zero-engineering-involvement experience.

Integrated Identity

Sustain awareness of consumer identity across all relevant touchpoints and channels.

Consumers invoke rights, not their devices. Build trust with your consumers by ensuring that all of their expressions are synchronized across all touchpoints and channels.

Report & Audit

Leverage robust reporting for internal and external audits.

As consumers select and change preferences, Switchbit provides real-time reporting to conduct, manage, and audit all consent interactions. If a regulator calls, punch a single button to give them what they need.